TeleVisit Appointments

If you are interested in seeing Doctor Gandhi from the comfort of your home, all you need to do is consent to our terms. Read terms here

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  1. to seeing our doctor virtually using your pc or smart phone
  2. How to see a doctor virtually
  3. We are currently seeing patients online through video conferencing or over the phone.
    We will however allow certain patients into the clinic but you must be cleared by us over the internet first.
    Sign up for your patient portal using the HEALOW APP
    During (from 03/19/2020 to 04/30/2020)  taking appointment for established patients  and some new patients upon approval from our board certified physicians
  6. To request an appointment for these Televisits
  7. Please send us an email to and include the following on separate lines:
  9. Emails must be in this order or they will not be accepted this is how we filter out spam
  10. Date of Birth:  01/01/1950
  11. First Name and Last Name
  12. Reason for needing an appointment 
  13. Best contact number
  15. ** You may also include pictures of your insurance card front and back as an attachment
  16. you updated Insurance information and your best
  17. Once the Doctor approves of seeing you virtually.
  18. Only Then will we give you a time for your Televisit,
  19. we will notify you by email or phone number that you have provided  
  20. You will have to take these following steps: Activate your patient portal.
  21. To do this login to Medinet’s welcome email.
  22. Download the Healow app on your iphone or android phone.
  23. Use the same info as your patient portal on the healow app and look for Appointments> visit labeled Televisit.
  25. At the time of your Televisit appointment please log into your healow app
  26. (it will give you a total of 10 min to log in after your appt start time) and it will show that you are now waiting for the Doctor. Answer the questionnaire posted on the screen, this will help the Doctor expedite the visit.

Please pay your medical bill or any past due bills before your evisit by filling out the form we send to you.

We will send you a form from the  our email

 For documentation or medical forms or referrals send requests to    

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments regarding Medinet Family Care Clinic, please call us.